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Promotional materials (Ryde High School - Languages)
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Languages Department Folder
folder to promote the language department
Sports Tournament Folder
folder to promote an international sports competition
Languages Year 9 Brochures
brochures promting year 9 languages
Year 9 Languages Department Trips Brochures
brochure promting year 9 trips in language department
GCSE Languages Brochures
brochures promting GCSE languages
GCSE Applied French Brochure
brochure promting a special GCSE french course
GCSE Our World Brochure
brochure promting a special GCSE french course
Languages A Levels Brochures
brochures promting A-level  languages
Specific Sector Language Learning Leaflet
brochure promting a composite industry languages course
Cards, Postcards, Posters and Calendars
Christmas Card
Christmas Card to promote the Language dept
Language Department Calendar
2008 - 2009 calendar to promote the Language dept
French Postcard for Children
Postcard to award the good work in French
German Postcard for Children
Postcard to award the good work in German
Italian Postcard for Children
Postcard to award the good work in Italian
Japanese Postcard for Children
Postcard to award the good work in Japanese
Spanish Postcard for Children
Postcard to award the good work in Spanish
LinguaRyde Postcard
Postcard to promote Linguaryde
Hall of Mirrors Postcard
Postcard to promote Hall of Mirrors
Languges Study Support Postcards
Postcard to promote study day on Saturday
Post-16 Postcard
Postcard to promote study a language in POst-16
Languages Department Marking Policy
Postcard for students to know the marking policy
A Level L3 Courses Poster
Postcard promoting A-level L3 languages courses
GCSE Parents Evening Display
Display to promote GCSE languages during parents evening
Club LinguaRyde Poster
Poster to prote Club Linguaryde
Barcelona Trip Business Card
business card for teachers during a language trip to Barcelona
Guides for parents
GCSE Languages Guide for parents
guide for parents explaining targets and GCSE exams
PowePoint Presentations
Your Future in Languages
POwerpoint presentation for a language event
Educational materials (Ryde High School - Languages)
Trip activities guides and Students Targets Awards Passports
Barcelona Trip Survival Guide
guide with activities for the students during a language trip
Year 9 Spanish passport
passport to put best students targets awards
Year 9 German passport
passport to put best students targets awards
Health & Safety materials (Fire Brigade - Newport, IoW)
Flashcards (Languages)
Flashcards English - Polish
Healthy and Safety flashcards for fire brigade in polish
Flashcards English - Russian
Healthy and Safety flashcards for fire brigade in russian
Logos (Ryde High School)
Language Department
logo for the language department
logo for a language learning website
Hall of Mirror
Logo for an international project website
Your Future in Languages
Logo for a language event
Wellcome to the World of Languages
Logo for promoting languages
Adult Education
Language adult learning lessons logo
Career History
2006 to date: Customer Services - Osborne House
  • Ensure the security of collections and the Health & Safety of visitors & staff whilst delivering exemplary customer care for English Heritage.
2005 to 2009: IT, Project Management & Language Assistant - Ryde High School
  • Responsibility for IT, international clients, language development and marketing.
  • Creation and updating of the contents for the course management system. (VLE - Ryde High School)
  • Development of a successful language learning website for Spanish, Italian, German and French (LinguaRyde) and weblogs (LinguaRyde Weblog).
  • Development of a European project website (Hall of Mirrors).
  • Creation and adaption of the contents for Linguaryde, Linguaryde weblogs and an online magazine (Club Linguaryde Magazine).
  • Conversion of resources, educational games and quizzes created by the teachers to the appropriate formatted layout and uploading them to the website.
  • Creation of educational games in flash.
  • Working with a group of A-Levels students creating articles, postcasts, videos and educational games for the online magazine.
  • Dealing with feedback and assisting teachers requiring access to their section.
  • Creation of language learning activities and materials for the learning platform SPSELL in 5 languages (Specific Sector Language Learning platform for the Composite Industry - SPSELL - SPSELL Training Platform), as well as translating content in Spanish and Catalan.
  • Creating and updating publicity material for the Languages Department and assisting the International Centre Manager in event organisation and management.
  • Supporting teaching staff with software installed on laptops and other peripheral devices such as video equipment, interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, printers etc in the language department when required.
2004 to 2006: Sales assistant - Save the Children & Oxfam
2004 to 2005: Catering assistant - The Island Olive Co
2000 to 2004: Web designer - Planeta Actimedia
  • Multimedia Production with the following responsibilities.
  • Creation of web pages containing guides and tutorials on various software packages so that employees could use them as a reference tool (internal use only) using HTML and XML.
  • Creation and processing of content (in any format or for any digital medium) using HTML and XML.
2000 to 2000: Web designer - Ocxon Digital
  • Development of a portal.
  • Creation and updating of the structure of the web search engine.
  • Development of websites on different topics in the portal.
  • Creation & maintenence of forums and online communities.
  • Creation and updating of the web search engine links.
  • Regular updates regional and worldwide news on a daily basis./li>
University and Higher Education
  • MSc Digital Media
  • BA (equivalent) History
  • International Baccalauréat
Training and other Qualifications
  • Basic ASP
  • Basic PHP
  • Flash Masterclass
  • Digital Image Processing
  • QuarkXpress
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • First Aid
Key Skills
  • Flexible / Responsible / Adaptable / Quick thinking / Supervisory experience / Friendly and reliable / Customer relations / Computer literate
Technical Skills
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2010/2011
  • Adobe Premier Pro CS4/CS5
  • Adobe After Effects CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Encore CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Fireworks CS4/CS5
  • Adobe Freehand CS4/CS5
  • Corel Draw
  • QuarkXpress
  • Corel Print House
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Project
  • SPSS 17
  • Lotus 1-2-3